Solutions Manual for Exploring Management 4th Edition by Schermerhorn

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Exploring Management, Binder Ready Version 4th Edition supports teaching and learning of core management concepts by presenting material in a straight-forward, conversational style with a strong emphasis on application. With a focus on currency, high-interest examples and pedagogy that encourages critical thinking and personal reflection, this text is the perfect balance between what students need and what instructors want.

Solutions Manual for Exploring Management 4th Edition by Schermerhorn

Solutions Manual for Exploring Management 4th Edition by Schermerhorn

Table of Contents

Managers and Management
1 Managers and the Management Process: Everyone becomes a manager someday
2 Management Learning: Great things grow from strong foundations
3 Ethics and Social Responsibility: Character doesn’t stay home when we go to work
Planning and Controlling
4 Managers as Decision Makers: There is no substitute for a good decision
5 Plans and Planning Techniques: Get there faster with objectives
6 Controls and Control Systems: What gets measured happens
7 Strategy and Strategic Management: Insight and hard work deliver results
8 Organization Structure and Design: It’s all about working together
9 Organizational Cultures, Innovation, and Change: Adaptability and values set the tone
10 Human Resource Management: Nurturing turns potential into performance
11 Leadership: A leader lives in each of us
12 Individual Behavior: There’s beauty in individual differences
13 Motivation: Respect unlocks human potential
14 Teams and Teamwork: Two heads really can be better than one
15 Communication: Listening is the key to understanding
16 Diversity and Global Cultures: There are new faces in the neighborhood
17 Globalization and International Business: Going global isn’t just for travelers
18 Entrepreneurship and Small Business: Taking risks can make dreams come true

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Language: English
ISBN-10: 1118620194
ISBN-13: 978-1118620199
ISBN-13: 9781118620199

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